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One-on-One Divorce Financial Planning

Understand The Financial Implications of Divorce or Separation

Getting divorced is disorienting – like you’re lost at sea without a flotation device. Your first concern might be that you can’t afford all the costs to get separated. You don’t know where to look for help and right now you feel confused and overwhelmed.

And your soon to be ex-partner might pressure you into making quick decisions when you aren’t ready.

Splitting assets and figuring out child and spousal support takes time, knowledge and careful planning. It’s complicated and emotionally draining. When you’re in the thick of it and don’t understand all the legal jargon it’s easy to get flustered. You don’t want to lose out because you thought you understood, when you didn’t.

Since you didn’t plan for it, why would you know how to handle the financial implications of divorce?

You will be faced with questions such as:

  • Can I afford to keep the home?
  • Will I have enough to pay my bills?
  • Am I receiving too little, paying too much?
  • Is there enough to budget for the children’s education?
  • Will I have enough when I retire?
  • For answers to other common questions visit the FAQ page.
  • It’s easy to panic and hire a lawyer or mediator right away thinking they can help you figure out your finances. But you’ll end up paying higher fees for people who are not experts in long-term financial planning.
The last thing you want to do is make agreements without thinking through your future.

This is why knowing where you stand, where you want to go and how to get there will take a huge weight off your back.

Having someone explain your options in easy to understand language is key to ensuring you get the best settlement. With a plan and a budget you can confidently navigate your future financial goals.

I’ll coach you through the process and offer straightforward solutions.

I can help you with:

  • Tax laws + how your decisions are impacted
  • Determining the value of marital assets + how to split them
  • Creating a budget + financial roadmap
  • Spousal support
  • Child support + custody considerations
  • Facilitating negotiations
  • Navigating a collaborative divorce.

Ways we can work together

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Choose from the Following Packages

Package 1

Individual Consultation

If you are considering divorce or separation this package is right for you. Getting started is the hardest part when you’re not sure where you stand financially. Remove the anxiety of taking the initial step with information to help you make good decisions. I’ll help you:

  • Know what information you need to gather and where to find it
  • Identify if valuations of pensions, businesses and other tangible assets are required
  • Understand the tax implications of certain decisionsCreate a plan for next steps

We will have a 60 minute in depth session, in person or over the phone. By the end of our session, you will have clarity about your current financial position and the resources you need to move forward. You will feel confident taking the next step.

Price $225

Package 2

Financial Roadmap

If you have started the process of divorce or separation and are on information overload, I can help you sort through it and develop a financial roadmap. In this package I will help you understand and take control of your finances. You will feel supported and educated to negotiate with your ex-partner, mediator or lawyer. We will work together to help you:

  • Understand your finances
  • Gather documents such as income statements related to assets and liabilities
  • Calculate your family’s net worth
  • Develop budgets for during + post separation
  • Identify your financial goals
  • Have a clear plan to achieve your goals
  • Have the knowledge to negotiate a fair settlement based on several scenarios that we outline

You deserve a fair settlement without paying heavy lawyer fees. I’m a financial expert and am on your team — I want you to achieve your goals and have a positive outlook for your life post-divorce.

Price $3,000

Package 3

Joint cooperative consultation

If you seek an amicable divorce or separation where you work cooperatively, I can work with both parties. I will take a neutral role as advisor and together we will create a financial roadmap that is beneficial to both of you. There will be no hidden agendas as we create a trusting relationship. This is the best option if you are able to work collaboratively on separating assets, making sound financial decisions and reducing your legal costs. This is a comprehensive and powerful process as it clarifies many questions you may have such as “Am I paying too much support or receiving too little?” , “Will I have enough to retire?” , “Will there be enough for the children’s education?”, “Will I be able to buy my home?” etc Remove the overwhelm with a well-advised financial solution. I will help you:


  • Cooperatively settle your financial affairs.
  • Collect all your financial information and calculate your net worth.
  • Prepare a budget to follow during your separation.
  • Create budgets for both of you post divorce.
  • Address both of your financial goals and develop financial projections based on a number of scenarios.
  • Provide you with a report which may be attached to your separation agreement.
  • Such a collaboration will save both parties thousands in lawyers fees.

If you and your partner are able to collaborate on an amicable divorce, this is your best option.

Price $4,200

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“I had no idea what steps to take, Madhu assured me that everything was going to be okay and guided me through the whole process.”

Jenna L., Chilliwack