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It was significant at such a vulnerable time in my life. I felt confident that you had the knowledge and expertise to guide me in developing a variety of sound fiscal options to present to my spouse as we walk through our separation and pending divorce. It was important to me during a time when I was experiencing the emotional impact of separation that you offered clear objective financial advice. I learned a great deal which will serve me in the future. Working with you over video and phone worked very well for me. It provided a great deal of flexibility and in no way hampered our work together. If I would have had to travel to Vancouver to meet in person, I would not have been able to do it. By being available remotely, your services will be accessible to many who would other wise not have the opportunity to have the benefit of your services. Your caring interpersonal skills and clear communication were key in building the trusting relationship that developed over the time we worked together on my file. You were exceptionally accommodating with scheduling and making yourself available for me and my many questions. Your fee was reasonable and fair and it was worth every penny!

Marie Duperreault, ​Port McNeal


Working with Madhu, I never felt like I asked a ‘wrong’ question and she always answered every one of them. Getting divorced made me feel insecure and out of place, Madhu made me feel comfortable being myself. I never got the feeling that I took up too much of her time. All our conversations were by telephone due to the geographical distance. At first, I thought we should meet in person because I like to talk to people face to face, but after our first phone call, I was comfortable with our interactions as they were. Overall it might have been the worst time in my life and I had no idea what was supposed to happen or what steps to take. Madhu assured me that everything was going to be okay and guided me through the whole process. I have witnessed a genuine woman who is professional with a personal approach.

Jenna L, Chilliwack


Madhu helped my wife and me navigate through the process of separation. At first, I was apprehensive, but she dealt with us very professionally and guided both of us through the process. I found her to be open, honest and straightforward. I quickly recognized her knowledge and ability and trusted her completely.

Andreas Leanderts, Chilliwack


Working with Madhu took away the tension of trying to understand and make decisions with my spouse. We felt supported and found her to be knowledgeable and understanding. As a small business owner, some [of] the issues were [complex]. With her help, we were able to work through them amicably.

Joanne Lechner, Richmond


Great job. Your advice for the long term, through to the pension years was a real eye opener, I’m so glad you were here to help

Elizabeth C., Vancouver, B.C

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