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Divorce FAQ’s You Might Have about My Role in Preparing a Fair Settlement for You.

If I hire you, do I still need a lawyer?

I cannot offer legal counsel. I am here to help with the financial side of your divorce. But you don’t necessarily need a lawyer, either. You can use a mediator, counselor or divorce coach to finalize agreements. Some couples even manage their own paperwork, but I still recommend getting assistance with your finances as there’s a lot you won’t know.

I have a lawyer already, what do you do that my lawyer won’t?

I offer expert financial solutions specifically related to divorce and separation. Because lawyers don’t know the ins and outs of Financial Planning Strategies and their effect on taxes and benefits, they aren’t able to offer the best solutions. I will guide you to make the best overall decisions related to your money.

If I work with you and a lawyer won’t that cost me a lot more?

Lawyers are extremely expensive, so using them to help you with financial planning is an unnecessary cost. Plus, lawyers are not trained in financial planning and aren’t the ones who will give you detailed scenarios of your best options.

You can save many dollars in lawyers fees by getting financial advice from me and using a lawyer for what they do best — negotiating and preparing legal documents.


I prefer to deal with people face to face. Since I do not live in the Lower Mainland I am concerned about how it will work.

I have worked with many clients long distance. I am always easily accessible and you have the added advantage of working from the convenience and comfort of your home.

Here is what some of my clients are saying:
“This mode of communication worked very well for me. It provided a great deal of flexibility and in no way hampered our work together. If I would have had to travel to Vancouver to meet in person, I would not have been able to do it. By being available remotely, your services will be accessible to many who would other wise not have the opportunity to have the benefit of your services.”

Marie Duperreault, Port McNeal


I haven’t started down the path of separation yet and I’m concerned about losing money. Should I start figuring out my finances now or wait until the process has started?

Planning for divorce can, and should, start in the pre-separation phase as it requires you to make long-term financial decisions. It works best when you already have an idea of your total assets and an understanding of how custody will be shared.

This process goes more smoothly if you and your prior partner have agreed to execute a collaborative divorce — learn more about this procedure here. I will help you by providing expert and unbiased information.


My partner and I are separating amicably? Do we still need a financial professional to help us?

Collaborative divorces are often a more affordable and a less stressful experience for all parties involved and as a result are increasingly popular. It’s an approach that involves open communication and information sharing.

You and your ex-partner will hire professionals such as lawyers, divorce coaches and a neutral financial planner to help you reach a mutually acceptable agreement and avoid the additional time and expense of a court judgement.

Financial professionals, like myself, play an important neutral role in the collaborative divorce. I help to identify and value your net assets, quantify the estimated future expenses and provide examples of equitable asset distribution and cash flow analyses covering spousal and child support.

In a collaborative divorce situation I will work with both parties to show the impact of asset division, support payments, savings, taxes and pensions on the net worth and cash flow going into the future.

This is a comprehensive and powerful process as it clarifies many questions you may have such as “Am I paying too much support or receiving too little?” , “Will I have enough to retire?” , “Will there be enough for the children’s education?”, “Will I be able to buy my home?” etc.


Can you help me figure out spousal support?

Your spousal support payments are determined by negotiation and will be incorporated into your financial plan — showing clearly the impact on taxes, cash flow and net worth. There are many variables that impact the size and frequency of spousal support requirements.

I would be happy to assess your unique situation in order to build you a financial plan you feel secure with. Divorce is a de-stabilizing experience for many and it is my goal to alleviate any anxiety or stress that may stem from not having a financial plan you’re confident with.


What is asset division? How do I decide what’s fair?

Asset division refers to division of assets between you and your ex-partner and requires an accurate assessment of family property.

Family assets can include — bank accounts, family home, cottages, vehicles, businesses, RRSPs, TFSAs, investment accounts, household assets, art and jewellery, company pensions, deferred profit sharing plans, locked- in pension accounts, insurance and even air miles.

If you have additional questions about how I help individuals navigate the financial side of separating, please email me or book a discovery call.

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